Although the Biscuit Appreciation Society welcomes many (but not all) prospective new members with open arms, our membership currently stands at about 3,000,000 appreciators, far exceeding our initial expectations by about 2,999,998. As such, we are not currently taking extra memberships, as we have a backlog of memberships, and there is a 17 year waiting list. However, you can still help us in our quest to spread the word of biscuit appreciation on a global scale, by one of these methods:

You can help us in our mission in many ways, the first, of course, is by word of mouth. If you are stuck in a tricky situation, not knowing what to say, try offering a biscuit recipe as a polite conversation starter. Of course, it is useful to have memorised a selection of recipes so that you always have the right recipe at your disposal for the situation in hand.

Another way of spreading the word of biscuit appreciation is through our "Biscuit Now!" initiative, which involves placing a small icon on your web page linking to our website. Top researchers have told us that this will increase the amount of global biscuit awareness exponentially. To learn more about our "Biscuit Now!" initiative, please click here.

You can also join our Biscuit Appreciation mailing list, which will keep you updated on the latest in biscuit baking technology, and provides up-to-the-minute biscuit news. If you would like to subscribe, click here.

Of course, you can always form your own Biscuit Appreciation Society Subgroup, a sure way of getting people interested in biscuits locally. Hold your own biscuit fete, play biscuit games, and explore the latest baking methods with a group of people who you will come to know and love as fellow biscuit appreciators. We are sure that in a very short space of time, you will have gathered an elite group of appreciators, with expertise in baking almost every type of biscuit imaginable.