A vital component to the biscuit as we know and love it, is to collect recipes of your favourite biscuit. As already outlined in other sections of the biscuit appreciation web site, we believe that in as little as 15 years time, biscuits will no longer be as common as they are today. This is why we need YOUR help!

Tips to collect your recipes:
We are aware that collecting recipes is not that easy, as some mothers, grand mothers and such are not willing to divulge recipes, as they spew a slight variant to "It's a secret family recipe that my mother's mother's mother handed down to me when I was only 12 years old". At this stage, we suggest that you play it cool, and do not seem that you are desperate for the secret recipe. However, what is suggested, is that you play on the family bit. Remind grand mother/mother that you are family (even if you're not), and that you will pass on the recipe to future generations (even if you never plan on having any children, this is not important right now). One response to this, if you are of the male gender, is this: "you're a boy, you won't ever cook any of these!" At this point, it is advised that you suggest to the recipe holder about equal opportunities and that sort of nonsense, and that you will indeed be making some of the biscuits.

Another cunning trick, is to acquire a portable scanner, or digital camera, or just plain pen and paper. Whilst the recipe withholder is out of the recipe storage area (such as the bottom or middle drawer, as these are the favourite spots), locate all biscuit recipes, and make a copy of them. Note however, that if you are scanning or digitising them, you should brush off any excess flour or baking powder, as this may hinder later recognition. We are aware, also, that some recipes are indecipherable. We recommend that for now, you ignore these and concentrate on others that are decipherable. You should come back to the others later, as they may in fact be a secret biscuit recipe, which is utterly delicious.

Submitting your recipes and pictures of baked biscuits:

Once you have collected recipes, and additional pictures (if you managed to bake any of them) please e-mail them to us at biscuits@biscuit.org.uk. It does not matter if we already have another biscuit recipe for the type of biscuit that you have baked, all recipes are gratefully accepted. In fact, if you wish, the biscuit appreciation organisation would also like pictures of any biscuits that you make.

The biscuit appreciation organisation does not condone any acts of thieving of either
a) Intellectual property
b) Biscuit recipes
c) Lawn mower spare parts
d) Baking trays
e) Starch
f) Flour emulsifiers
g) E numbers 1 to 253
h) Tooth cavities

Please bear this in mind when collecting your recipes.
Good luck!