We here at the biscuit appreciation society are concerned that the number and quality of biscuits in the future will deteriorate. The main factor for this, we feel, is that many a fine biscuit is baked in the home, often by pensioners - for their family and friends. The recipes are often handed down from generation to generation, by word of mouth - and are not stored anywhere, but in the memories of grand parents and parents alike.

Our Concerns
At the last biscuit appreciation convention, it was brought to our attention by Sir Jack Francis (the Vice Chairman), that the elderly are not getting any younger - therefore, it is up to the younger generation to keep the biscuit baking tradition alive. However, it was quite rightly pointed out that the elderly are living longer than ever before, although what we need to bear in mind is this: the elderly may indeed be living longer, but this does NOT GUARANTEE their biscuit baking capability to be on top form. Therefore, a special task force has been assigned devoted to collecting, collating, and stealing (if need be) recipes from across the globe.

This is the only sure way to ensuring a future that has traditional home baked biscuits in it.