The Place
We hold meetings tri-yearly (whatever that means), in Frank's Forest (a small forest, 20 miles south of Dorset).

The Time
Times vary according to the speaking clock. Basically, we all phone the speaking clock, and whatever the clock says, is when we next meet. Of course, this does pose certain problems, due to us all phoning up the clock at different times of the day. However, we have never had a problem as yet - it simply means that we have to spend at least two days there, in order to make sure that everybody meets with everybody else.

The People
Unfortunatley, due to various other commitments (and some members actually being commited), not all members are always able to attend each meeting. New members are usually always welcome, but please remember to bring a VW camper van.

The Equipment
I am often asked what type of equipment the members should bring. Basically, I recommend a tent, 2 cans of John Smiths, a big yellow mac, a radiation vest, 2 bags of flour, and of course - plenty of biscuits!