We here at the Biscuit Appreciation Society are very much aware that many biscuits are often on sale for various amounts of petty cash. However, we wish to warn all possible purchasers about the often painful tale that may lie ahead. It has often been reported that biscuit sales have indeed provided many a biscuit appreciator, with new styles, tastes and sensual selections of biscuits. Whilst most biscuit sales are in good nature, and will not cause you any problems, there have been some cases where the biscuits have not always been what you imagined them to be.

Things to look out for:
To ensure that you biscuit sales shopping is as productive and as uneventful as possible, follow these top tips, gratefully submitted by Andrew Horton.

1. Whilst these cheap biscuits may seem a good bargain at the time, they in fact are not! Many a time, have I almost fallen for this trick, although luckily I have always come to my senses. You see, these biscuits are often of poor quality, especially if they are a supermarket's "Own brand". The biscuits contained within, are often cheap imitations of expensive and tasty biscuits, such as the infamous bourbon biscuit. Often, the taste simply does not compare to properly packaged biscuits, and you will be mostly disappointed - or even put off that particular biscuit, if you have never tasted the proper version! However, it is worth noting that these cheap biscuits are perfect for "dunking" (as described in the dunking section, on this web site). So, if that is what you intend the biscuits for, we do recommend these biscuits.

2. Never buy the biscuit just because it is in a nice pretty metal box, unless of course you wish only to keep the box, and discard the biscuits. If this is the case, we recommend that you post the biscuits to Africa's needy crocodile population, where they will be greatly appreciated.

3. Never buy biscuits that are not meant to be broken! There are specially broken biscuits, that usually come in a large bag, marked "Broken biscuits". They are often of greatly reduced price, and are often of the same quality of the supermarket own brand, however, they also posses the perfect qualities for dunking. Biscuits that are on the shelf, that are not marked as specifically broken, should be avoided at all cost. This is because it indicates mishandling of the biscuits, which means that:
a) They will be no good for dunking (after all, you can't dunk crumbs)
b) There may be small holes in the packet, where the air has got in, and made the biscuits soft (see the section on soft biscuits).

4. Avoid all teenage mutant ninja/hero turtle biscuits. Even though this green turtle craze ended many years ago, it is still possible that some vendors will still have these blighters lingering in dark store cupboards, which they failed to become rid of in the massive turtle sales that rocked the world in 1996. Believe us, you nor your children will want them! Not only because the sell-by dates will have expired over five years ago, but because of the blue packaging.

If you have any questions regarding biscuit sales, please don't feel free to contact us.