The biscuit appreciation society has had several invites to various Vicars' tea parties, and as always there is a fight as to who will attend the party.

The reason is this: Vicars are well known for having possibly the best biscuits on the planet. In fact, many of the biscuit organisation's members are insanely jealous at the sheer quality and quantity of the biscuits. According to the Vicar, it is his dear wife who bakes the biscuits. Whilst we fell for this for a short period of time (after all, why shouldn't we believe the vicar?), due to the lovely baking smell that emanated from the house, we were forced to reconsider the Vicar's information.

The conspiracy
It happened on a sunny Sunday. Two of our members had both been invited to two different tea parties in two completely different counties. We had asked them both to bring back a handful of the biscuits, so that those who had not yet attended a tea party, could sample the delights. Once the two had returned from their escapade, to our horror, the biscuits were exactly the same! Not only did they taste the same, they also had exactly the same etchings on them, that each Vicar's wife had claimed to have carved in herself! Suddenly it all became clear!

The discovery - The conspiracy unravelled
We went deep under cover for 2 months, attending as many tea parties as we all could. We took down as much information as we could, took pictures (that are still being developed), and secret video footage. The conspiracy was beginning to unravel. It turned out that the fresh biscuit baking smell was in fact being generated by bako-matic, produced by non other than the "Vicar's Tea Party Group Ltd". All this covert device does, is sit in a corner under the table, and emit the smell of biscuits being baked. It had us all fooled, but now it has been proven! We questioned the Vicars about this, and all refused to comment and claimed that they wanted a solicitor.

Unfortunately, we have all been refused any subsequent invitations to Vicars' tea parties.